TRIBE Stories

Better stories make better people.

If you read, you increase knowledge, you find meaning, you look at things with different eyes. If you have a broader and better understanding of things, you will have a better understanding of yourself. So at the end of each story waits a better version of yourself…
TRIBE Stories offers authors the best possible support in all aspects of their game: content, innovative communication & marketing, commercial strategy. So they can create the futureproof stories for generations to enjoy.

As an agency we are big enough to count but small enough to really care. We want to be a talent factory that works with a superb team throughout the whole editorial journey: from development, copy-editing, cover design and outstanding lay-out skills to printing and distributing through premium partnerships with leading publishing companies.
Because if you pretend to create better stories and better people, you better be the best in the game yourself. That is the mission of TRIBE Stories.

We are currently publishing Ish Ait Hamou (famous author), Jeroen Meus (celebrity chef & author) and Hannelore Bedert (singer songwriter & author).


ISH AIT HAMOU – A masterful storyteller

"Giving people a voice, that’s what I do with my characters"