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Making football a game of trust.

The past few years, the world has been shocked by several financial scandals, such as Football Leaks, Panama-papers and Swiss Leaks. These scandals showed dodgy financial transactions in the world of European professional football and they exposed schemes employed by some of the world biggest sport stars, in order to evade taxation. In Belgium these scandals were followed by a large scale criminal investigation in Belgian football revealing match fixing deals and tax fraud. In all these cases agents, consultants and lawyers were the architects of money laundering and tax evasion structures. We firmly believe that the time is now for a new vision on the world’s most beautiful game, where integrity will be the next big thing. With this focus in mind, in the beginning of 2019, we wrote the report “For love of the game” containing several proposals on how to reform professional football in general. In 2020, we were asked by the Belgian Pro League (the organisation of professional football clubs in Belgium) to join a four member expert group rethinking the tax system of professional sports in Belgium. In February 2020 this expert group presented it’s recommendations to the public. We are TRIBE and our mission is to make football a game of trust.

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