TRIBE Esports

Esports, the next level in sports.

Esports is on the rise worldwide. In Belgium alone, 4.5 million people play computer games every week. It is therefore not surprising that competitive playing of computer games is becoming increasingly popular and is also finding its way into regular sports such as football and cycling.

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has recognised esports and the Olympic Virtual Series was organised for the first time. Economically, too, esports has become a booming business and by 2024 the global business income from esports is estimated to be 1.8 billion dollars. In Belgium, Tribe is at the forefront of the development of the esports scene. Tribe’s partners co-founded the Flemish Esports Federation and played a crucial role in negotiating the sponsorship agreement between the Belgian Esports Federation and the National Lottery.

With the expertise Tribe has built in esports, we are the perfect partner for e-athletes, esports teams and tournament organisers.