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Since ‘brutally honest’ is one of our founding values, here we go: we do this because we are fed up with how things are functioning in the world of sports, art and literature. There you have it. If you want to change the world, then maybe you have to do it from the inside. And so Tribe Association was founded. Just like there is no place for dope in the game, there is no place for shady deals in sports, art and literature. We keep pushing that button and by giving the right example, we feel we can make a difference. What’s in a name?
TRIBE stands for our founding values: Transparency, Responsibility, Integrity, Brutally honest en Excellence.


TRIBE offers career care & guidance in every aspect of your game.

Our process is hands-on and consists of 4 steps:

Before we do anything we take the time to think. We collect data, analyze information, plan schedules, integrate campaigns, contact our network, and much more. In the end, we think the main thing is to generate trust and to focus on realistic ambitions.

We are here to find the right way to achieve your goals. This may be an eye-catching deal, or a creative strategy that hits the mark. In a co-creative process we will help you to follow your dreams.

Besides every successful athlete, artist or author there is a strong team. We feel that our clients should focus on their sporting or artistic career and should not be bothered with legal or financial stuff. We take care of that: Karl Dhont as founder of Tartaros Global Value Fund and Michel Maus as founder & partner of law firm Bloom Law.

Working with you we can help building your career, brand, website, exhibition, profile, animation, confidence, trust and, most importantly of all, a strong relationship.

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